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For the year of Tiger (2022), our family decide to travel all around Vietnam to discover the 63 provinces of this beautiful country!

Our story started 10 years ago when I (Maxime) left my hometown (Montreal, Canada) to travel around the world. Back then, I was a video maker. I did a travel vlog and planned to do a documentary about the long-term traveller interviewed on the way. Finally, the world trip end up halfway, when I met my wife, Theu. I met her when she was running a little homestay in the Mekong Delta.

Together we built a small network of eco-guesthouses around the country and we now have 2 beautiful little daughters. Kim, 7 years old and An, 2 years old.
Our oldest daughter born and raised in our guesthouses. She grew surrounded by guests from many different countries around the world. She also travelled a lot with us. Unfortunately, our little An was not that lucky. As she was born just at the beginning of Covid. So she did not have the chance to travel much.

These past 2 years gave us time to review our priorities. As you know hospitality was strongly affected… So this year we decided to put everything on hold and go on an adventure altogether to make An discover the beautiful country of Vietnam! It’s also the opportunity for me to do new videos, but this time as Family Travel Vlog.
As we worked in the Vietnam travel industry for so long, we now know almost everything about the country. Before we always recommended special places that we have heard about from other guests. But now it’s time for us to see it by ourselves.

To keep nice memories from this journey, we decide to make videos of each destination to share with you all our experiences. We will also give you some tips to discover Vietnam with a mix of Natural beauty off the beaten track and the “must-do” family activities from the tourist area. This project will be a complete video guide perfect for any family in research of good info about Vietnam, but also for the solo traveller who is still young at heart.

Here you will get plenty of tips on how to travel by motorbike, bus, train, car, boat, plane from one place to the other. We will also recommend different types of accommodation for every budget from camping to a luxury hotel. We like to sleep in many different styles of places to show the different realities to our children.
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